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4.19.1 Creating a new view

If you want to create a fresh view from a blank window:

  1. Select New from the View menu. An empty view is created in front of the other view(s). You may prefer to rename it to something more meaningful than View2.
  2. To add individual icons to the view, use the Select button, as described in Locating particular elements in a view.
  3. You can also copy selected icons from another view of the same model by holding down the <Ctrl> key and dragging with the mouse see 4.4.7 Copying elements.
  4. Alternatively, you can select Show and Arrange All from the Element menu to create an icon in this view for every element in the model.

If you want to remove a particular icon from a view:

  1. Double-click or right-click on the icon (or press <Enter>) to show the icon menu.
  2. Select Remove from view to remove this element from the view completely, or select Hide if you want to hide the icon but retain its position in the view for later.

Alternatively, you can select Display Options from the Element menu to hide all the icons for particular types of element – see 4.18 Formatting a view.


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