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4.14.6 Linking default values for globals

The global data in a STEM model can be thought of as a special system element, and it is possible to link default, global values from another STEM model or an Excel sheet:

  1. Select Defaults from the main Data menu. The Model/Defaults dialog is displayed, with just one button representing the global data.
  2. To link the global data to another STEM model, pick up a reference from the button in the corresponding dialog for the other model; or for an Excel file, type the external reference text into a formula by hand, using the External Links dialog to format the filename part correctly – see 4.13.1 Creating an external reference.

Note: Remember that external links are not updated automatically until you next open or run your model. Select the Update button in the External Links dialog to retrieve the latest values from another STEM model in the Editor.


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